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About Us

An Introduction

There is no denying to the fact that roofs of commercial outlets and factories are certainly the most attractive spaces for birds to roost. Although, it really is not their fault but the waste and nesting caused by them can lead to huge problems for both businesses and individuals. For instance, their waste is acidic and is corrosive to some machinery by affecting some metals, their feathers go everywhere with wind and may lead to contamination. These are a couple of factors that show birds may cause serious health and business issues if not controlled on time. Preventing all this from happening is surely the key. Fortunately, here, bird spikes is one products that comes to the rescue. And, by allying with Qinexa International, one can buy PC Bird Spike, Stainless Steel Bird Spike, SS Bird Spike, Steel Bird Spike and Plastic Bird Spike of nonpareil quality at the best prices.

We source our range of bird spikes from different manufacturers so that our customers can have access to all the variants under one roof. Apart from bird spikes, we offer our customers unmatched quality Monkey Spike because monkeys create as much nuisance as birds. Thus, establishing a strong foothold in the market as a trader and supplier of bird and animal spikes.

Vendor Base

Every trading business requires a reliable vendor base to source the best quality products and supply the sourced goods to their customers at competitive prices. Since we do not have any direct quality control over the products we offer our customers. Therefore, we carefully choose our vendors to ensure that we never disappoint our customers when it comes to product quality. For this reason, we ally with only those companies that keep a close tab over their product quality standards. Thus, we refer our vendors as our backbone. Some parameters over which we pay attention prior to associating with any company are as follows:

  • Credibility,
  • Ability to fulfill our urgent and bulk requirements,
  • Potential to meet all the targets on-time,
  • Capability of making timely delivery, etc.

Work Environment

To make the work environment of other businesses peaceful by offering them Bird Spikes and Monkey Spikes of unmatched quality, we maintain positive environment at our workplace. And, who does not prefer working in a stress-free environment. Therefore, our esteemed customers and employees feel blessed to be associated with us.
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Contact Us

Plot No. 50-51, First Floor, Sukhlal Market, Shiva Market, Delhi, Delhi, 110034, India
Phone :+918037268089